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*This post originally published in Fall 2020, and has been updated*
The Human Capital Era is here!


Working remotely is currently the expectation, and no longer the exception for many companies due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, we’ve created a Virtual Hiring Guide to aid your Team’s efforts to return to their hiring goals after weathering the storm for the past 2 years. Remote work may have started out as a temporary solution to keep business running during the shutdowns many cities have faced, but for some companies remote and hybrid work models will be here to stay – at least in some capacity. For others, it has already marked the start of a new business lifestyle that works even better than ever. These are the companies with the capacity to adapt, update and improve their processes the fastest. Now that many employees ーthose fortunate enough to be able to work remotely during the pandemic in the first placeー have demonstrated their ability to perform without skipping a beat while remote, businesses must re-evaluate their priorities and adjust them accordingly. Investing in the right people to enable your Team’s capabilities to adapt will be the greatest investment you can make to power through the uncertainty 2020 and 2021 have brought on. Our guide is designed to help you optimize your virtual hiring process so you can do just that.

We’ve been inspired to learn that experts are ushering in a new era as we shift away from pure shareholder value as the primary metric of business success.  This new era has been named the “Human Capital Era” and it is substantiated by investing in human capability as it will become your businesses’ greatest indicator of success. Humans who possess the ability to adapt, learn and change with the times ーand who exhibit the capacity to do so rapidlyー will be your greatest asset. The right technology platforms, tools, systems and expensive operations maneuvers are only going to work as well as the people managing them ー and the same goes for how you manage your recruitment and interview processes. Acquiring people who can operate, lead, proactively upskill virtually and focus on the future will bring your business to the next level. Humans, at the end of the day, are what will set your business apart from competition and elevate from good to great. We have believed this since our inception in 2000, and our mission-driven recruiters remain at your disposal to help you find the right humans to add value to your Team.

We recognize it’s a privilege in its own right to be able to hold on to a job during such tumultuous times, and that for many, remote work is not optimal nor even an option at all. We’re hopeful positive outcomes will surface soon for those still struggling and for those displaced out of the workforce due to the pandemic. For those who have already adapted however, even without physically reporting for duty over the better part of a year, a new way of life has been unlocked. The Human Capital Era is in fact here, and this needs to be considered in your virtual planning. From hybrid models and rotating teams to accommodate for social distancing guidelines, to downsizing offices now that many may work remotely beyond the pandemicー one thing that is for certain is that flexibility is key, and adaptability is in your hands. If you are a Talent Acquisition and/or Human Resources professional, the power is in your hands to advocate for the changes you wish to see in your companies’ processes, especially  those that have been pushed to being fully virtual. You can be a part of the Human Capital Era transformation by encouraging it as your Team’s resident people pro. We hope this guide will help your Team and company Leadership to do the same.

Check out our guide HERE to take the first step. Let us know how the adaptation of your hiring process is going!

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