What We’re Thankful For 2020

A note from Serena, our Director of Communications:

It has been challenging to find the right words this year. It’s been a very hard year. However, we still have gratitude to express – a whole lot of it, actually. Maybe more than ever before.  Let’s start by breaking down the word gratitude itself…

Gratitude (noun): The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

As a small business, we knew we’d be particularly susceptible to the negative economic impacts of the pandemic this year, but thanks to the gratitude woven into the foundation of our business, we’ve discovered new strength and new ways to connect with one another that have resulted in odds-defying successes. Once again, it’s been hard, but a challenge we’ve taken on with grace and flexibility which have allowed us to adapt. Each week we’re getting more and more job orders from clients we’ve partnered with for years as well as brand new ones alike. When business, for many, is in such a delicate state, we’re humbled that companies continue to choose Clarity. We could not be more thankful for the strength of our relationships, referrals that keep rolling in, and the incredible professionals we partner with each and every day! We’re ready to show our appreciation for and to return the kindness given to us. 

On Giving Tuesday, we will be giving a donation on behalf of all our clients and our Team to The First Responders Children’s Foundation to express this gratitude. This fund won the most votes in our annual holiday donation charity “pitch off” this week (thanks for bringing it to our attention, Kolt!). We invited all Team members to pitch an organization of significance to them to not only drive awareness for their respective causes, but to select which would become our holiday giving partner for 2020. We feel this organization to be timely this year in particular, but they’re also essential in a way that matters every day. Learn more about them here: Who we are | First Responders Children’s Foundation

People are the lifeblood of our business, and with so much human struggle resulting from the pandemic ー especially in regards to unemployment levels having reached heights some of us have never lived through before ー we’ve had to rely on each other for support in new ways. We will not simply channel our excitement into what lies ahead for us without acknowledging that everyone has lost something this year, in some way. From a business standpoint we’ve lost a great amount of joy we typically get from in-person gatherings, interviews, and meetings with clients. Networking events, benefits, client appreciation lunches and dinners, Team outings ー we’ve had none of these in 9 months, and nor have our peers. From a personal standpoint, so much more has been lost in our inability to physically connect with family and friends, not to mention societal overtones of senseless violence spurred by hatred, a racial reckoning and natural disasters. The overall impacts of these things plus that of Covid-19 on our own lived experiences and health – physically and mentally are vast. People, the lifeblood of our business, and people like YOU, are what have kept this ship running. 

If you’re reading this, you are what we are most thankful and grateful for, so thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you over Zoom, or hopefully in person one of these days, in the year ahead and can’t wait to help you with your professional development or talent searches. We have some great new partnership news in the works, lots of amazing jobs with our clients arriving weekly, and the absolute best Team in the business ready to serve  you. Stay in touch to hear more, and sign up for our newsletter HERE to be the first to know.

As a reminder, our mission is to build better teams ー period. We genuinely care about helping people, and we take a thoughtful approach to placing the best talent at the best companies to work with across the nation. We believe strength lies in diversity and that leadership can only be as strong as their supporting teams.

Our core values start within our walls ーwhich are figurative for the time beingーand permeate every relationship and team that we build:

Clarity It’s no coincidence that this is our namesake value! We engage in transparent, face-to-face communication that cultivates meaningful long-term relationships with clients and candidates. We believe honesty is the best policy.

Humanity We are committed to ensuring that no candidate or client feels like a number. Our approach is tailored and human-centered, and we couple empathy with our strategies at all times.

Purpose We care about people, and we believe all people deserve access to resources that can help them build their dream team, or become a part of one. Our purpose is to be one of these resources for as many people as possible.

From our Team to yours, we wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving and hope you are able to feel and express gratitude this season whether you’re celebrating with family, friends, or apart.

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