Candidate FAQ

Application Process

I submitted my resume through Clarity’s website. What are the next steps?
After submitting your resume through our website, our team of recruiters will review your qualifications and experience to see if you’d be a fit for current openings we’re recruiting for. If a good match is identified, a recruiter will reach out for an introductory phone call, followed by scheduling an in-person interview at Clarity to get to know you better and share specific details about roles you qualify for. We receive new openings from our clients daily, so if your experience fits with our repertoire ー even if we don’t have the perfect match open that day ー we’ll invite you in anyway to complete the Clarity application process. That way, you’ll be top of mind when the right position comes through, and we can accelerate your submission at that time.

I’m looking for a job. Does working with Clarity cost money for a job seeker?      Clarity is a completely free service for job seekers. Clarity and its recruiters will never ask for a fee or send an invoice to any job seeker that we work with, nor will any costs incur for a candidate that secures a job placement with one of our client partners. There have been an increasing amount of scams targeting job seekers and recruiting firms, and we encourage you to let your recruiter know if an unfamiliar contact, or an unfamiliar email address claiming to be a Clarity recruiter approaches you asking for a payment of any kind.

What if I am not located near a Clarity office, or I am seeking work in a city outside of NYC?
If you are not located near our HQ in NYC, not to worry! Since 2020, the majority of our screening calls and interviews now take place over Zoom, and we no longer require in-person interviews at our office. The majority of our clients and job openings are located in the greater New York City area, but we do partner with a variety of companies in other cities across the US.

Do you have any openings right now?
We always have openings, and we get new openings in daily! While we cannot guarantee a perfect fit is available on the day we connect, opening up the conversation with a Clarity recruiter will ensure that you’ll be the first to know as soon as something that fits your experience arises. Be sure to follow us on Linkedin and check our website regularly to stay on top of new hot jobs.

What should I bring to my Clarity interview?
For video interviews, just bring your best self! Your recruiter will walk you through the virtual process of obtaining documentation needed for employment. Clarity will invite you to fill out our online application prior to your meeting. If you are applying for temporary work, you will be required to share legal documentation to confirm your identity (i.e: social security card + driver’s license, or, a US Passport in lieu of both, will suffice), and your recruiter will guide you through this secure process.

Can I bring a copy of my IDs or are original documents required?
Due to strict federal regulations on employment eligibility verification, if meeting in-person, we are required to examine original documents and cannot accept copies. We will however make a photocopy of your original documents for our confidential records upon inspection

What should I wear to my Clarity interview?
How you present yourself speaks volumes! We recommend professional, appropriate and neat attire when visiting our offices, or meeting with us for a video interview.

After my Clarity interview, how long will it take to be placed on an assignment?
This time frame varies and is dependent upon how your experience fits into active openings. It can take one day at the earliest, if you are a fit for positions we’re working on, or longer if we don’t have a fit. We get new positions in each day, so maintaining close contact with your recruiter is recommended.

On Assignment

How much do assignments pay?
Temporary assignment hourly rates vary greatly. Rates are all compliant with state regulations for minimum wage, and go up from there based on requirements for each assignment. Your recruiter will align with you on rate specifics for each role as they are presented.

What time will you call me for last minute assignments?
Last-minute and day-of assignments are typically opened between 7:00AM and 8:00AM. We will call qualified candidates that have requested a spot on our Daily Call List as soon as we learn of the assignment and will expect them to be on site at the assignment within the hour. It is your responsibility to remain in close contact with your recruiter if you are no longer available for daily assignments.

Can I get a raise?
Raises are discretionary, and are most likely to occur if you earn new responsibilities during the course of a long-term temporary assignment. You can always reach out directly to your recruiter to determine if you qualify for a pay increase, and if you do, your recruiter will address the matter directly with the company.

What should I do if I’m sick, need a day off, or have to leave early from an assignment?
If you are sick or have a personal emergency, contact your recruiter immediately so they can appropriately address the matter with your supervisor, and plan for replacement coverage. All requests for time off must be communicated prior to the assignment when possible. We understand, and expect that the unexpected will occur now and then, and in these times it is critical to keep lines of communication open with your recruiter.

When will my temp-to-perm assignment go perm?
Typically, temp-to-perm conversions occur at or around the 90-day mark of an assignment. This does however vary case by case, and is contingent upon client requirements and your performance. Not all temp-to-perm assignments will convert to perm. We strive to set expectations on conversions as early as possible, and maintain transparent communication along the way.

What are lunch break and overtime policies?
All placements are typically entitled an unpaid 30 minute lunch break during a standard work day of 6 hours or longer. Please note that lunch break requirements and duration are determined by management at the client company in which you are placed, and can vary case by case. Overtime is contingent upon the client company’s needs, and is not guaranteed. You will be informed if you are eligible and approved for overtime work and overtime pay before your assignment begins. Overtime approval must be obtained before overtime work can be performed.

When do hours need to be submitted each week?
Hours must be submitted no later than Friday evening at 9:00PM to guarantee timely delivery of your checks. Your time can be submitted upon logging in to your online timecard system. If submitted later, you may experience delays in receiving your pay. Set reminders accordingly!

Do I get paid for holidays / days off?
Temporary assignments rarely provide paid vacation days or paid time off (PTO). If you have scheduled vacations, personal matters, or are planning to observe a holiday, please provide as much notice as possible to your recruiter so that we can accommodate your needs. Paid sick leave is offered by New York City if you meet the requirements which are delivered when you are placed on assignment.


How do I sign up for direct deposit?
Complete the Direct Deposit Form and send it to us along with a voided check. You can submit via email (, fax (917.677.8316) or mail it to our HQ in NYC for processing (Clarity, 8 West 38th St, Ste 502, New York, NY, 10018).

When are paychecks available each week?
Paychecks are delivered to Clarity HQ (8 West 38th Street, Ste 502), each week on Thursday. Time of day can vary, so please call ahead if you plan to pick up on Thursday to ensure your check has arrived. If you sign up for direct-deposit, a payment will be transferred to your allocated bank account each Friday of assignment weeks. Paystubs can be retrieved through iPay for ADP. Login information for this platform and instructions will be provided upon enrollment in direct-deposit feature.