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What we’re Thankful for – 2023

Thanks for tuning in! In spirit of Thanksgiving, today our CEO, Moira Dorst, contributes a message of gratitude and provides tips to maintain resilience during turbulent times. Learn her 4 pillars to stay strong in a job search that can also be applied to many areas of life. On behalf of our entire Team, happy Thanksgiving week!

– Communications Team

A message from Moira:

Challenging markets and unpredictable economic forecasts cannot stop this resilient Team! If you’re new to following our company, it’s worth noting Clarity was founded in 2000, so this business is no stranger to shifting job markets. What we’ve learned over the past two decades is that diversifying our portfolio of partners we recruit for much like any investment strategy can yield stability when turmoil hits. We’re constantly planting seeds through every up and down of every season. Concentrating on balanced and steady growth has also helped us expand practice areas and build new business streams. There are no silver-bullets to success in business today, but expressing gratitude for what we have built, and its ability to sustain itself year over year, is a practice we maintain every year to give us perspective. We are thankful for many things, and most importantly, for the relationships we have built and nurtured through good times and challenging times alike. We’re not aiming to paint an unrealistically rosy picture – especially knowing many companies and partners of ours have struggled to maintain headcount this year. We are, however, expressing gratitude for our loyal client companies and job seekers for their continued trust in Clarity’s recruitment and job placement capabilities.

If you’re a job seeker and looking for ways to keep your search ticking even through slowdowns, the holiday season, and setbacks, check out our 4 core pillars of resilience. These help our team weather any storm and we think they can help everyone in the process of finding their next step (or next great hire!). Feel free to share with any job seeking friends you meet up with over the Thanksgiving holiday as well.

1. Lead with Values

What are YOUR core values? Let these guide you! Finding values alignment with your company and during your job or talent search can ensure value-add in an organization.

2. Make New Friends

Make time to step outside your comfort zone and connect with new people – recruiters included! 

3. Keep the Old

Don’t forget the folks that have supported you along the way, and old friends and colleagues you had strong rapport with. It’s never too late to reconnect or ask them for time to catch up.

4. Adopt a Growth Mindset 

Seek knowledge and find new ways to build skills. Your desire to learn and grow will strengthen the more you do it. This will drive motivation.

To job seekers that have struggled this year, and folks who aren’t yet in values-alignment with an organization or job, we see you! Know that keeping these pillars in mind each day can help you reach the next level of you. Nothing great happens overnight, but small incremental changes will compound over time which is exactly how we’ve maintained stability and strength this year.

We hope you’ll also take a moment to write down what you’re thankful for this year. If you’re reading this, you are one of those things to each and every member of our Team. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you on a job search or to build your dream Team, please get in touch. 


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