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Pandemic Hiring Trends Q2+Q3

Pandemic Hiring Trends Q2-Q3

What is unusual, unprecedented and unlike anything we’ve experienced before in business? 2020! Clarity has weathered economic downturns in the past ー we’ve been around since 2000 after all. While we are no stranger to turbulent times, 2020 has marked new business outcomes and has caused business protocol to shift in many entirely new ways. While challenges have been abundant across hiring streams for a variety of our clients, things are looking up. We have data to prove it! Upon analyzing our placement data for Q2 and Q3 (that’s April through September), positive trends have emerged and we’d like to share what we found. 

Early analysis of incoming job orders and anticipated placements that have already emerged at the onset of Q4 show these trends could be here to stay. Take a look at our infographic below for key takeaways.

Key Takeaways:

  • September was a growth indicator that marked a 125% increase in total placements over April.
  • Temporary placements have held strong, making up for 79% of total placements during these 6 months.
  • Temp-to-perm placements have been on the rise. While businesses may be choosing temp due to long-term uncertainty within their sectors, one third of these placements converted to permanent positions. This is a result of improved business outcomes within these respective organizations, which have been supported by strong candidate placements.
  • Permanent placements stalled at the onset of the pandemic, but they have been making a steady comeback. Q3 marked a 33% increase in permanent placements over Q2.

New + Noteworthy:

A new subset of support roles has emerged

It’s time to prepare, pivot, and place support on your Team to optimize pandemic business operations.

Included in our placement data are the following positions which we have already made placements for at our client organizations. We too have made pivots to accommodate these new needs for our clients. We are equipped with strong candidate pipelines across the following areas: 

  • Temperature Checker Administrators
  • Temporary Safety + Screening Specialists
  • Office Move Support Teams (specifically for clients downsizing their office spaces and moving)

Looking Ahead:

Q4 is showing promise with an overall increase in job orders being delivered by our clients. The “new normal” is here to stay for a while. Working remotely and adjusting business operations to accommodate for stringent safety measures is something many companies have solved for in order to keep hitting their 2020 targets and goals. We’re grateful to see many businesses we partner with adapting rapidly to the changing landscape and getting back in touch and sharing their hiring goals for Q4 and 2021. 

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