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During early May, our Team is usually getting ready to embark upon a company-wide service day where we spend time together ー outside the office! ー to volunteer. This year, things are different. We had snow in NYC over the weekend, and our Teams in Atlanta and NYC are still expected to remain socially + physically distant as we strive to suppress the virus. So what have we been doing to give back during this time? In addition to planning a virtual volunteer day ( more on that soon! ), we took to Zoom, of course, for a company-wide charity pitch competition!

Here at Clarity, our values permeate every relationship and team that we build. This includes relationships with our giving partners that enable us to support causes that are important to us. In the wake of the coronavirus / COVID-19 outbreak, we have been in a fortunate position to select a COVID relief charitable organization to give a donation to. Part of living out our values is also ensuring that our whole Team has a voice and, even while apart, each member can feel comfortable speaking up about what is important to them.

– Moira Dorst, CEO

So how did we decide to support Meals By Grace? We invited the Team to submit non-profit organizations actively supporting COVID-19 relief efforts, gave them the “floor” AKA, “speaker view” on a Team Zoom meeting, to share why their selected organization deserved some extra support from us right now. There were SO many wonderful options, and to be honest, they are all equally valuable and significant (see the complete list below to check them out!). However, to facilitate our giving efforts, we had to pick just one, so we gave our company donation to the organization that received the most votes. 

Our ATLANTA Team’s presentation on Meals By Grace yielded the most votes, and so we are excitedly supporting them and inviting YOU to join us! All you have to do is click  HERE to give to our campaign. Donations go directly to Meals By Grace efforts (It will show up as Fill Ministries Inc. once you donate).

Here’s more info about the organization and why it’s personally significant to our Atlanta Team, in their words. Below this information, we’ve included the entire list of organizations that were entered in the pitch competition, because we believe they deserve exposure, too ー check them out and consider giving to them if you are able… or pitching them to your own organization!

About Meals By Grace: This organization collects donations of pantry items and monetary value to help procure food items and meals for families in need. They assemble volunteers all year round to help pack meals and deliver them to enrolled families. During the COVID-19 pandemic, with so many families impacted in the greater Atlanta area, MbG is working on overdrive to get food around the area to families who are struggling due to job loss and their children’s’ inability to obtain a proper meal since schools are closed ー in addition to their standard operations.

Katie Gordon: I love that this organization is so strong in our community and you can always find so many neighbors and friends volunteering at their locations ー especially now. Meals by Grace is so personal to me knowing that so many children who attend school with my own children go without food, and I find it heartbreaking! My family volunteers here, and when my husband and I have spent time packing meals for these families, we have been overwhelmed by the need in our community and so happy to provide so many meals to them!”

April Claborn: “This organization is important because of all the meals they are able to provide to children during this difficult time when they can’t be in school. You don’t always think about how kids have to go without food when they are not in school, but for some kids, this sadly is the only complete meal they get during weekdays. My step son has had the opportunity to deliver food to these families the past two years around the holidays and he loved seeing how happy those children got when they saw them coming with food. This really inspired me upon first exposure, and even more so now that they’re tackling children’s hunger during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Beth Gupta: While it’s not a personal volunteer experience, I fully endorse this organization after being shocked by the numbers that for tens of millions of children, their lunch at school is the ONLY meal they get each day.  That means, that with children unable to go to schools, there are now more than 17% of young children in the US lacking sufficient food, I loved that this organization quite literally puts their money (and time and community and resources) where the mouths are. As a smaller, local organization, we know exactly where our money is going, too, and can see it’s success and effects first hand which is reassuring.”

Other organizations Team Clarity endorses that you can support via donations and/or volunteer service:

Organization: Submitted by:
Restaurant Employee Relief Fund Vanessa Moscatello
Broadway Cares / COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund Kolt Free
Frontline Foods – NYC Colleen Robson
No Kid Hungry Moira Dorst
Safe Horizon Sarah Konishi
Shatterproof Matt Rush

In Humanity + Wellness,

VISIT OUR DONATION PAGE HERE (just click this link!)

-The Clarity Communications Team

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