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Collaborating with Six Degrees Society has become a highlight of our event schedule here at Clarity (check out #lifeatclarity for more!)! We love the genuine connections we make with members, and how event attendees really make the extra effort to be present while connecting with one another. The organization’s founder, Emily Merrell, is as excellent a curator as she is a moderator, and she’s able to draw out insightful commentary from anyone she shares the stage with! Last week, Moira Dorst, our CEO, had the pleasure of riffing with Lauren Berger of Career Queen about how to cut the chaos out of your life and design your own success. As the leader of our boutique, woman-owned recruiting agency, Moira has over 18 years of experience in the recruiting space and has worked with countless amazing companies to solve for their recruitment challenges – she knows a thing of two about managing chaos, and this Fireside Chat provided the audience with actionable advice.

So how can you actually cut the chaos get it together you ask?!  Here’s one of our favorite takeaways from the live chat downtown at WeWork:

To Moira, it’s about re-framing the chaos more than eliminating it completely… “The noise of so many experts across the media and internet is overwhelming, and makes it hard to know what advice is right for you. If you quiet the noise using tools like meditation, affirmations, and the act of trusting your own intuition, you’ll get closer to identifying what makes you feel most alive.” she explains.

“Once you find that, follow it! Re-frame the chaos and view it as a slew of opportunities to help you grow.” Moira adds. “Then weed out anything hindering your growth. Soon, you’ll feel the chaos transform from something that weighs you down to something that energizes you!”  We could not agree more — time to pull up those weeds!

Need more? Check out Lauren’s book, Get It Together! Ditch the chaos, Do the work, and Design your success!

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