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Dig Yourself out of Your Winter Rut!

Get through the Next Few Weeks by Making Small Tweaks to your Routine!

Small tweaks to your daily routine can make a big improvements to your overall well-being! While falling into a routine creates a comforting constant in an otherwise chaotic world, being deeply rooted in what you’ve told yourself you should do can eliminate endless potential of what you can do! On Groundhog Day, as we reflect on one of our favorite movies from the 90’s and the perils of getting stuck in a personal time warp, we challenge you to shake up your day a little bit and eliminate stagnant behaviors that contribute to the winter blues! Here are some easy to manage routine-busters that we hope will create new positive pathways in your brain and beyond before you even get to work.

We know habits take time to form, so we’re not going to suggest you set your alarm for a 5AM wake-up call and hit a gym class, get up early to make an insta-perfect avocado toast (but please, be our guest and tag us on instagram if you do @claritystaffing!), or spend 30 minutes meditating right off the batー we’re considerate like that. We do however have a few easy adjustments and energy boosters for you that will be far easier and will hopefully yield perspective-altering results to help you increase wellness and productivity!

  • If you commute on the subway, get out a stop earlier than your normal destination and walk the extra 10 minutes to work. An extra jolt of cool air can provide a bevy of health benefits. Cold air exposure is not only be refreshing, but it can cause you to hasten your step, increase your heart rate and pump you up with some adrenaline to start your day off strong! You might even discover a new coffee shop or lunch spot to pop into!
  • Try listening to a podcast on your way to work ー learn something new and stretch your brain! Here are some of our lasting favorites: Winter Blues Got You Down? These 6 Great Podcasts Will Bust Your Rut!
  • That old friend you cancelled on during the holiday social circuit and meant to follow up with? Stop feeling guilty, and make a move! Don’t let important friendships slipthe benefits of maintaining them are proven time and again across many studies, and they transcend your social life and benefit your professional life, too. Try leaving that friend a quick voicemail or shoot them a text before your workday gets started and you’ll be back on track in no time!

Now go ahead, dig yourself out of that hole. Leave your rut-busting suggestions in the comments, we’d love to hear them!

-Team Clarity


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