Sales Training At The Museum? Heck Yeah!

Museum HackAt Clarity, we are always looking for innovative new ways to learn and grow. Recently we did a team building/training event at The Metropolitan Museum of Art through a startup that is disrupting traditional museum tours called Museum Hack. We knew they were not your average tour when we read their tag line “Museums are F*@!^ing Awesome! The premise of the tour is to look at art in a relate-able, fun and human way.

I spent a bit of time with the guides before the tour so they knew a few things about the Clarity team such as: 1) We love us some friendly competition – from cook-offs to sales contests, this team loves to win and loves to cheer each other on, 2) We almost always have one staff member who is pregnant (more on that later) 3) We love to celebrate our victories with some bubbly in the office! Armed with that information as well as the facts on our company history and some statistics on the staffing industry in general, the guides incorporated background stories and games that kept us all enthralled to the bitter end. It was super creative and led to lots of laughs! These activities tapped into our competitive spirit when we had to “pitch” our artwork, let us be silly and curious in a completely out of the box setting. It was a great way for us to mix up the average team bonding happy hour and let us enjoy one of the most prestigious museums in the world right in our backyard!

Phase two of the museum hack was a story telling workshop in our office. This was a different kind of training that addressed an interesting piece of the sales process where we are often trying to engage a distracted/uninterested/busy audience. We want people to hear Clarity’s unique story and bring on qualified candidates looking for a job or a client looking to fill an open role. Museum Hack gave us some innovative tricks and philosophies to do this, much as they do on a tour.

The folks at @MuseumHack have enthusiasm and energy to take any seasoned sales person to the next level! I highly recommend them if you are looking for a creative way to engage your team!

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