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Clarity Spotlight: Beth Gupta

WHO SHE IS: Account Manager on Clarity’s Direct-Hire Desk
WHAT SHE DOES: As an Account Manager, Beth manages both clients and candidates. She recruits for her clients jobs by actively seeking out the qualified candidates.
BACKGROUND: Beth has been working in the recruiting industry for over 6 years now. She came to Clarity when her husband’s job relocated the couple to NYC and she has been with Clarity ever since! “Being in the recruiting world has allowed me to leverage a few of my skillsets: being organized and proactive are at the top of the list for any successful recruiter, and so is the ability to connect with people and build a rapport. It’s also one of the only industries that both makes use of and challenges my “Type A” personality!  It’s taught me patience, the importance of listening, and to always expect (and be prepared for) the unexpected.”     
WHY CLARITY?: “Coming out of two other boutique recruiting firms, I had a real understanding of the benefits of working in a smaller environment where I have constant and direct access to my candidates and clients.  This setting allows candidates to be real people instead of just numbers, and clients’ needs to be tangible and not just part of a bottom line.  I can take clients out for lunch, which gives me insight into their everyday lives and who they really are, and I can grab a coffee with candidates and really forge a connection that is so beneficial when they’re trusting you to guide them through decisions as crucial as career moves.  Clarity, as a concept, checked many ‘boxes’ for me in terms of what I wanted in a firm, but sitting down with the women at Clarity made me feel like they were a perfect fit for where I’m coming from and where I wanted to go.  We word hard, we take pride in that work, and not many days go by without us sharing some laughs together.  For me, this was a clear choice.” 
MOST ASKED QUESTION: Clients often want to know why they should choose Clarity and if it’s worth the money…  To be honest, I’d ask the same questions myself, since I think it’s always smart to evaluate the value of services you’re paying for or are considering.  Throughout my years at Clarity, I’ve come to fully realize the standard we place on each other and ourselves, and I honestly believe there is a difference.  It’s such a common recruiting tactic to throw things up in the air and see what ‘sticks,’ and that’s just never been an option for us at Clarity.  We understand that every time a client or candidate is looking for a recruiting firm, that person has a choice… and when he or she chooses Clarity, we don’t take that lightly.  There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve made a match that is right, is going to last, and is going to lead to repeat business.  Holding ourselves to a high standard allows us to do this time and again, and save our clients the time and money that comes from running a search themselves.”
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