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Don’t Push Pause on Your Job Search this Summer

With another Memorial Day behind us, it’s time to think about SUMMER! While summer may not always feel like the optimal time to get out there and look for a new job ー at least according to blogs and the opinions of friends and family ー we’re here to say that plenty of companies are poised for growth this summer and have plans to make hires. We know because we are actively recruiting for them right now! With management and decision-makers taking vacations throughout the summer, things can slow down in some cases.  However, summer has historically been an incredibly busy time here at Clarity ー in fact it is often our busiest hiring season of the year! The key to landing a job in the summertime? Keep your search in motion. We understand that temptations to coast through your current job and prioritize fun abound, but don’t push pause on your search completely. Here are some causes for the uptick we see in hiring during the summer, followed by some actionable tips to optimize the season for your search, and perhaps find opportunities in unlikely settings!

Resignations are Unpredictable It’s nearly impossible to forecast when someone will resign or leave a role, but our clients come to us right away when it happens, especially when it’s a critical hire or role they can’t wait 3 months to fill. With job-hopping on the rise, especially among millennials, resignations can strike at any time outside of traditionally peak hiring seasons of Q1 and Fall. Hiring to backfill someone who has resigned is a wholly separate situation than growing headcount, and often it’s not widely publicized. This is why you always want to have trustworthy recruiters in your corner to inform you of quiet openings!

Strategic Summer Job Transitions To build on the above, when people are strategically transitioning jobs and planning to make a move from their company, they often aim to leave a company during summer so they can take a few weeks off before they begin the new position they’ve secured. Why? Because: VACATION! Not everyone is able to be so strategic here, of course, but it is definitely something we see quite a bit of during warmer months, which can lead to unforeseen permanent roles opening up. On the flip side, chances are your boss will be on vacation for a portion of the summer. This often makes it easier to slip out of the office for a lunchtime interview!

High Demand for Summer Temps Temp work abounds during the summer! For the same reason it’s commonly thought to be the “slow season” for hiring, it is also when we see the highest demand for temporary workers. Whether it’s vacation coverage or filling a gap before a company is ready to hire someone permanently in the Fall (parental and medical leaves also factor in!), summer is action packed on our temp division! With temp-to-perm conversions trending upward each year, more companies are sure to integrate this strategy into their long-term hiring plans. We’ve even seen short term temps land permanent roles more often than ever before. We’ve even seen employers create new positions for these temps based on their strong performance and strong culture-add to the teams they start out with on a short term basis.

So how exactly do you take advantage of the season and use it to set the stage for a productive job search?

Activate your network!

  • Warmer months are the best time to grab coffee or lunch with that connection who fell off your radar during the wintertime, or to go out and meet new people. Clarity recruiters have met candidates and new clients in all kinds of places while out and about, and often spontaneously. From casual chatter with neighboring diners at a restaurant, to happenstance subway conversations ー these situations and more have resulted in Clarity placements. Once in a while, remember to pull the earbuds out and keep your head up ー you never know who you’ll meet!
  • Attend networking events to meet great new people in a field of interest to you. It might sound cliche, and, we know not all networking is created equal. There are so many great panel discussions and curated events going on all over the city ー networking has come a long way in the past 2-5 years!
    • Here are some we like in NYC:
      • A classic meetup is always a great idea – follow your interests… the opportunities are endless!
      • LMHQ Events – We particularly love their monthly women’s breakfasts!
        • Tap into other co-working spaces, too! If you have friends that are members, ask for an invitation to a closed event, or join the space’s email list to learn about what’s upcoming that you may be able to sign up for.
      • Built in NYC has a robust events calendar focused on partnerships with emerging start-ups.
      • Six Degrees Society ー we recently participated in a great collaboration with them this Spring ー read more here!
      • Are you dialed in to the tech scene, or, do you want to be? Subscribe to Gary’s Guide for a weekly listing of tech related happenings in NYC, and get offers to win free tickets to last minute events!
      • Curious about a new industry but don’t know how your skills fit into it? Strike up conversations with new friends you make in your summer social activities ー ask about what their field is like, or how they enjoy their company. Even if their company isn’t hiring, maybe they can introduce you to a new connection elsewhere that is!
      • Follow us on instagram @clarityrecruiting so you’ll never miss out on an event we’re hosting, co-hosting, or sponsoring!

Networking can happen anywhere ー and you can always schedule a follow up lunch if the event you’re at isn’t conducive to a quality conversation! Remember: People, more often than not, love giving advice and they also love sharing their experience. That informational interview with someone from college a few years ahead of you, or a former manager that’s moved to a new company you follow on social media, is only an ask away.

You don’t have to wait for a chance encounter ー we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with your recruiter by shooting over an email with your updated resume, plan a catch-up over coffee, or schedule a time for a phone call to share updates on your goals. If you’re new to working with us, submit your resume right here and we’ll be in touch! The perfect job for you might not be available today, but summer is an ideal time for you to take advantage of quieter months in your own role to get your search rolling, update your resume, and start putting feelers out. Then again, maybe the perfect role is open. How will you know if you don’t reach out?

Now go ahead and get out there!

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