Support our Earth Today and Every Day

Happy Earth Day! Whether taking a long walk and enjoying some fresh air or getting involved with acts of service, we hope you take an extra moment to notice the beauty of our planet today, and consider supporting organizations that are committed to keeping our planet healthy for generations to come. Replacing screen time with green time has proven health benefits, too… take Harvard’s School of Public Health’s word for it: Time spent in nature can boost physical and mental well-being. This year’s theme, Planet vs Plastics is about driving awareness toward the importance of reduction in plastic use and plastic waste to improve the condition of our planet. Awareness today can lead to new habits with long-term benefits for the future and every day!

Here are a few quick and easy ways to dedicate some energy to the Earth and learn more about Earth Day today:

Stuck at work and need something even easier to connect with the Earth today?

  • Take a work call outdoors and sit/walk outside instead of at your desk
  • Step outside and take a lunch break in a nearby park – be sure to recycle your packaging!
  • Subscribe to The Beacon Newsletter, by Grist, and stay up-to-date on climate news

Now get out there, grab some coworkers and friends, and make some plans to celebrate our glorious Earth today and all year long! The benefits of spending time in nature, giving back to our communities, and discovering new ways to take care of our planet and ourselves will last far longer than the weekend.

How are you showing your appreciation for our Earth today?

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