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Replace Screen Time with Green Time on Earth Day 2023

Happy Earth Week! NYC can feel a lot like the “concrete jungle” it is oft described as, but it’s also replete with greenery, sustainability-focused events and products, and plenty of opportunities to connect with and improve our environment. Whether taking a long walk and enjoying some fresh air or getting involved with acts of service, we’ve got you covered with ideas for this weekend and beyond. We’ve compiled some easy suggestions for you to get out there, take a break from your digital life and social media, and get in touch with nature that is often overlooked amidst our hectic, office, and screen-focused lives.  One of our favorite benefits of Clarity’s recently implemented “work-from-anywhere” arrangement is that we can take a few extra minutes that used to be commuter time to get outdoors more… and even play once in a while! We also offer “VTO” Days, which stand for Volunteer Time Off, on which employees can take a day off from work to volunteer with an organization of significance to them. Time outdoors and in nature can be a potent prescription for wellness and mental health improvement. There are so many simple ways we can all live more sustainably, and are some ideas around NYC and beyond to get out there, celebrate and give back to our Earth. 

Start here:

  • It can be as easy as taking a walk through one of the best parks in NYC – spend some time taking it all in! Been there, done that? Why not check out one of these 40 secret gardens, parks and green spaces you may not have been to yet! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can join a city-sponsored guided hike in our own backyard – learn more here.
  • Continue your search for “acts of green” by learning more about the history of Earth Day from the Earth Day Network – the organization has a fascinating history and global reach – the more you know! This year, the 2023 campaign theme is “Invest in our Planet” featuring themes and actions you can take around ending plastic pollution and climate literacy. Take the pledge here to reduce your own one-time use plastic consumption! This organization can also set you up with tools to measure your own plastic footprint in order to map your plan toward reduction, start your own fundraising campaign, educate yourself and others… and more.
  • Join the Earth Day Initiative. Leaders in sustainability, celebrities and even Bill Nye ー yes, the “science guy”!ー on the virtual stage on 4/19 for an inspiring call-to-action to save our planet.
  • If you’re looking for more volunteer opportunities in your area of NYC, or in any city, we have one more recommendation for you before you attempt to unplug for a few hours – try this site: Volunteer Match. It’s easier than ever to find volunteering opportunities that are designed to actually get you off your phone. Use it to give back to your community in a fun and social way! In-person and virtual opportunities are available across the nation.

Now get out there, grab some coworkers and friends, and make some plans to celebrate our glorious Earth this week and all year long! The benefits of spending time in nature, giving back to our communities, and discovering new ways to take care of our planet and ourselves will last far longer than the weekend.

Any fun events that we missed? We’d love to hear about your plans!


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