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Happy Holidays from Team Clarity

This year has been incredibly productive and a year of many new beginnings for Clarity. From starting a new chapter and moving into a beautiful new office space with state-of-the-art facilities at Industrious in Penn 1 this Spring, to building out our technology division substantially, to welcoming new Team members across practice areas ー we’ve steadily built new foundations for continued growth. In addition, we have been building out our Executive Recruiting division ーmore to come on this next year! We even took on a large-scale multi-season internship recruitment project with a prestigious venture capital firm for the second year running. We truly represent across all levels of professional recruitment. Clarity may have launched in 2000, but the silver-lining of the pandemic has been in unlearning what we thought we knew about optimal business-design, and re-imagining it all together. We’ve become a more flexible organization this year with a work-from-anywhere structure, and have celebrated having colleagues moving to new parts of the country, and even other countries. It has been amazing to see the trust in our Team has come through, and in many ways we feel stronger than ever.

Gathering in person still can’t be beat, and we’ve made time to re-introduce  great Team outings with more on the horizon. We hosted our first in-person HR Breakfast Seminar since before the pandemic, and got to connect with many clients and make new connections. Our recruiters and leadership Team also took a 7-week diversity recruiting course resulting in “QDR” Certification ー Qualified Diversity Recruiter ー thanks to the phenomenal training of Jennifer Tardy Consulting.  While many of us work remotely most of the time, our office is always warm and ready for the Team to pop in whether for a few hours or every day of the week. When we can’t be together, we make the most of creative Zoom backgrounds, teaching eachother how to “touch-up” and “blur” when necessary (ha!), and we never skip out on the opportunity to congratulate eachother with ongoing shout-outs in Slack. On top of adding many new clients and re-connecting with long-term partners that were finally ready to re-focus on growth this year, we celebrated lots of big wins and came together virtually, each and every day. 

I’d be remiss not to acknowledge we’ve also celebrated exciting life-moments together including moves, new babies, new puppies, graduate studies and more. Plus, we’ve also been able to commiserate over everything from viral strains, to kids home sick to all the other wild inconveniences that really hit home and threw wrenches into our lives. Thankfully, our empathy-driven leadership Team enabled us to hold space for those things and feel supported. 

There are many things I could add here, but I hope in 2023 myself and my Team will have more time to catch up in person and tell you all about what we are working on. Until then, know that we could absolutely not have done any of this without your support! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting Clarity and making us part of your strategy to build better Teams.

Thank you again and happy holidays to you all!

PS – Some of you may have received our digital holiday card in which we also announced our annual holiday donation to Everytown. Read more about this organization here.



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