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What We’re Thankful for – 2021 Edition

What we’re thankful for – 2021 Edition

A note from our Director of Communications, Serena Bartolucci Rubino

Each year at this time, Team Clarity reflects and give thanks for what we have achieved. In some cases, our achievements have been against the odds with a second full year of a global pandemic and unusual market cycles upon us. We’re so proud of our exceptional progress, pivots and consistent development of new business across Teams. Here at our HQ in NYC we’re looking back and realizing one persistent fact has carried through 2021 ー it is that many of us aren’t bound to the center of the city like we once were. We’re taking advantage of hybrid arrangements, spending time working remotely, and even while traveling and visiting family. We may have adjusted our mindsets and freed ourselves from daily arduous commutes, but we’re still maintaining a fierce and focused New York state of mind while doing it!  No matter where our Team members may be located or traveling to next, Excelsior, New York’s own tagline rings true. Whether we’re hunkered down in our midtown office, just passing through for a few days, or we’re building brand new networks in other cities across the Nation on our travels, “ever upward” is our trajectory, and we’re growing! We’ve made new hires over the last two quarters on our own Team and we’re thrilled to continue building our expansive talent network each day. We are well-equipped to tackle the fast-paced, competitive and candidate-driven job market we’re in.

The following are by no means all we’re thankful for, but this year ー our second year of pandemic operations ー they stand out at the top of our list. 

  • Ever-evolving, dynamic leadership
  • Thoughtful strategic partnerships with clients and candidates
  • Considerate collaboration across Teams
  • Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Slack and all tech innovations that keep us connected
  • Patience, kindness… and mental health days!

…and last but not least, our loyal and ever-expanding network. We would not be here without your support. Thank you for your trust in us as not only service providers, but as extensions of your own Teams, colleagues helping you meet your goals, and friends helping you get through your toughest talent and staffing challenges. You’re the reason that our Team can build better Teams, every day of the year, no matter what obstacles the universe throws our way ー or where we’re located.

Here are a few highlights we’re proud of as we look ahead into bright prospects for a big year in 2022!

Clarity is more than a recruiting agency ー we’re a network.

  • One of the biggest highlights in our data thus far is ーeven though we haven’t finished the year outー our six figure placements have doubled in 2021! This is a huge indicator that not only have our clients been building back stronger, they are allocating resources (and budget!) to us to help source the best quality candidates for their mid and senior level positions. The talent wars are tougher than ever! We’re pleased to see that many clients of ours recognize that they can save time and money in the long-term by investing in Clarity’s service to aid their most critical mid-to-senior level searches.
  • Permanent placements have also increased overall by 15% so far this year as compared to all of 2020 ー and we’re not even finished with the year yet! Increases in permanent placements indicate our clients are building budgets and headcount ー always a strong predictor of future growth. 
  • On the temporary placement side, we’ve seen temp-to-permanent conversions boost a few percentage points over last year as well, proving that T2P solutions remain a smart way to hire. 19% of all our temp placements have converted to permanent so far.  Spending a set amount of time working together before making a longer-term commitment often works out best for both talent and employers. We recommend this strategy especially when aiming to solve for time-sensitive staffing challenges.
  • This time of year, our temp business is also picking up a lot as we prepare for seasonal support. Many of our clients rely on us to support their busy holiday season so definitely reach out to us or submit a job opening if you’re in need this year ー we remain at your disposal with loads of great talent at the ready, so get in touch right away.

Outside of day-to-day operations, we care about serving our communities.

Each holiday season we hold a charity pitch competition in which all Team members are invited to submit and present a charity organization to become the recipient of our annual holiday donation ー which we will give on Giving Tuesday. The votes are in, and this year we will be submitting a donation on behalf of our team and our network to Girls on the Run. Stay tuned to learn more about this organization in our next post. 

On behalf of Team Clarity, happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy rest, relaxation and delicious meals with friends, family and chosen family alike. 

Be well,


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