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Did you hear?! The Clarity Collective, our new and inclusive Virtual Event Community, launched in May and we have a new event coming up next month! We want to make sure our network has all the details about The Collective and can sign up for our next event as soon as registration launches. Want to be the first to know the details? Sign up for our newsletter, here. You’ll receive our Quarterly Newsletter as well as periodic messages about upcoming events ー and nothing else! We don’t believe in spamming.

Here’s a quick recap on our first event, The Fundamentals of Inclusive Hiring Practices with Kolt Free, our resident DEI/B expert and educator. This presentation was an entry-level course that provided the language and tools people pros need to ensure they’re activating inclusive methods into their recruitment strategy, including actionable tactics to do so. You can watch the presentation here. We chose to lead with this presentation to set the tone and stage for future panel discussions and related events. Essentially, this was the primer to understand why making space for diversity, equity, inclusion ーand ultimately, belongingー is required to add greater value to your business and build the best Team possible. With this foundation, we will move forward to discuss many interesting topics in panel format. Our guests will include People Professionals, DEI/B Experts + Educators, as well as members of Team Clarity, to name a few. 

What’s next for The Clarity Collective? Next month, “What’s Next for People Pros?” will feature an expert-led panel covering their experiences and recommendations in our rapidly evolving climate. The discussion will arm HR pros, talent leaders, recruiters and business leaders with tools to understand the essential new skillsets needed for your People Teams so that your business will excel in a post-pandemic world. You won’t want to miss it! Registration opens soon, so stay tuned.

About the Clarity Collective:

The Clarity Collective is a new and inclusive virtual event community dedicated to designing better workplaces. The Collective was founded in 2021 by Clarity Recruiting team members and welcomes business leaders, human resources professionals, talent managers, people ops leaders, hiring managers, job seekers and all people interested in redefining workplaces for the better.

The Clarity Collective hosts virtual events featuring members of Team Clarity, and will also invite external Collective members to sit on panels, host educational seminars and suggest content that will speak to an audience dedicated to designing better workplaces. We believe that successful navigation through business challenges is dependent upon accepting what we do not know, asking for help when we need it, and holding space for conversations designed for mutual learning. 

How can you join The Clarity Collective? Simply by signing up to receive updates here, and showing up to our next virtual event!

Have an idea for an event or would you like to recommend yourself or a friend to be a future panelist? Send a note or introduction to Serena, our Director of Communications, here:


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