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Want to improve your Team’s bottom line in the office? Take them OOO!

Have some fun outside the office!

Working hard is hugely important to us here at Clarity, but so is loosening up and having some fun together as a team! As of recent, we’ve made a great effort to plan fun activities outside of the office to help keep the team connected on a different level, beyond simply cohabitating and collaborating on work. We’ve had a lot of fun and memorable times doing so, and the experiences we’ve had outside the office have truly strengthened our relationships in the office. As a result, we feel the effects of having a more cohesive team! We all love happy hours, however, including an interactive activity feels a lot more fulfilling than simply going to the local midtown pub for drinks. If your company is looking to incorporate team building activities that foster creativity and move beyond a traditional happy hour, check out some of our recent favorites!

Escape the Room

This was a lot of fun and the team still has great memories of the experience that we still reference to this day! This gives a new definition to the term “deadline-driven” environment…

What is it? A timed room escape experience in which players find and solve clues to get them closer to unlocking the door of their themed room. 

Why we love it: Here we were able to utilize different kinds of problem solving skills than we normally apply day-to-day. When you’re stuck in a room with your team and you only have 60 minutes to solve a collection of riddles and puzzles to unlock your door, you have to be resourceful! Everyone really has to put their heads together, listen, and reason their way through the challenge. Rooms can accommodate different sized teams, and larger groups can split up into multiple rooms.

New York Pizza School

We spend so much of our time behind computer screens and in meetings, so this was a particularly satisfying way to have a tactile and TASTY time!

What is it? A Kitchen downtown designed specially to accommodate groups and LOTS of pizza making! From making fresh dough to firing it in the oven, we learned step-by-step how to make one of our favorite foods. You can follow topping recommendations or get as creative as you like. The crew is engaging and fun, and everyone leaves well-fed and confident in a new skill set – making homemade pizza!

Why we love it: Because, PIZZA!

Painting Lounge

Pizza class made us realize it’s fun to get your hands dirty a little bit AND to stimulate our creative head-spaces! We haven’t stopped with creative pizza topping combinations! Our most recent activity was an art class conveniently located on the same block as Clarity called the Painting Lounge.

What is it? A lounge / artists studio with easel set-ups and painting supplies. Before heading in, we pre-selected a painting to reproduce in our own unique way with the guidance of an artist/teacher who also taught us technique.

Why we love it: This no-frills space lets you focus on your work and immerse yourself in your painting! The no judgement/no pressure environment also makes you feel comfortable steering your own course — there’s no wrong way to create here. Our photo above highlights the various outcomes of everyone’s piece!

Royal Palms Shuffle Board

If you haven’t travelled out to Brooklyn yet for the Florida-inspired vibes of Royal Palms, fill up your metro card and get your team out here, stat!

What is it? A former warehouse converted into shuffleboard courts, collaborative games and a great bar!

Why we love it: All year round, this place feels like a tropical oasis and has a variety of seating / hang-out options for different sized teams. Rent a shuffleboard and play the game, or lounge at a cabana overlooking the courts (ideally, you’ll do both!). This place also has a built-in food-truck garage where different cuisines stop in and out to keep you fed, and of course a full bar featuring local Brooklyn brews and much more.

Trust us, getting out of your office based routine can improve employee relations and have a positive impact on you business!

Any great spots we’ve missed? We’d love to hear your ideas so we can start planning our next activity — send your suggestions to! 


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