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Q&A with Wendy Young: How to Make the Most of NYC When You’re New to the City

Wendy Young, an Account Executive on our Temp Team here at Clarity, has edged closer toward “New Yorker” status with almost 2 years of residency under her belt, but it wasn’t too long ago that she was a newbie in town and also new to the United States! Wendy grew up “down under” and actually began her career in HR and recruiting back home along the beaches of Perth, Australia. Today we’re sitting down with Wendy to learn more about her transition to New York and hear her recommendations for how to acclimate, settle in, and have fun in New York City. With college graduations and warmer months finally upon us,  we hope you can use some of Wendy’s takeaways and advice to guide your own nest steps toward making NYC feel like home!

Communications Team: What made you decide to move to NYC from the other side of the world?

Wendy: This job opportunity with Clarity! Prior to moving to New York, I had actually spent time living in Toronto, so I wasn’t too far away. After spending 2 years living and working up there, I was ready to go back to Perth, but decided I would spend the summer in NYC. I had always been curious about spending time in New York, but wasn’t sure if I could commit to living and working here long-term, but figured, I’d never really know until I gave it a shot! After spending a month here, I knew right away that it would be amazing if I could actually live and work in the big apple ー I had only scratched the surface in exploring this incredible city, I knew I needed more time! I started applying for jobs and was fortunate enough to land a position at Clarity!

Communications Team: How did you fall into a career in HR and Recruiting?

Wendy: After completing my post grad in HR my first role was in Recruiting! Like many of us in this industry can attest, I wasn’t entirely sure which HR avenue I’d take, but given the fact that you need to have sharp instincts, an empathetic personality, and a desire to make quality matches in order to succeed as a recruiter, it ended up being a natural fit for me. While I studied HR in university, I fell right into recruiting easily, took a great liking to it, and knew that would be the sector of HR I’d explore long-term. I love working with people and playing matchmaker for clients and candidates so 7 years later, it’s no surprise that I am still in the business!

Communications Team: Did you have a network in NYC or were you starting fresh? How did you put yourself out there?

Wendy: I had met a few people through my travels but I didn’t have an established network when I moved here. When you’re in a new city it’s really about getting out of your comfort zone and saying yes to every invite and also being open to meeting new people through unconventional ways such as Meet up groups and networking events! This was exciting to me – you really have to lean into the notion that you have to get out there and make it happen! Your attitude, and keeping it positive while you’re outside your comfort zone, is everything. I’ve been lucky to meet lots of wonderful people and easily made a good group of friends through work and other activities. What’s great about NYC, is that generally people love being here because there’s so much to explore, and so many different kinds of people to meet. By keeping an open mind, the vast and overwhelming city seems to shrink down into a more manageable place over time.  

Communications Team: How did you go about job searching while new to the city?

Wendy: LinkedIn! I utilized LinkedIn by reaching out to recruiters even if there were no actual job posts that looked like perfect matches for me. Not everyone is going to reply, and that’s just fine, but it’s definitely a good way to get your name out there and grow your network. Things are always popping up with recruiters and many of which don’t even get posted online right away. The job that I landed with Clarity however was through a job post, so maybe I got a little bit lucky!

Communications Team: What advice would you give to NYC newbies looking to find their way and make their mark?

Wendy: Have an open mind, be flexible, have a positive attitude and be persistent! Things won’t always go the way you want them to, but if you remember these four things you are well on your way to making it in NYC! You might not get the first job you apply to or interview for, but you need to keep pushing yourself forward and try not to get discouraged by disappointment early on.  And, definitely familiarize yourself with the subway system! It’s a lot to figure out, but definitely remember to give yourself a little extra time to get places ーand inevitably get lost a time or two… okay or more than that! ー especially if you’re heading to a job interview. We’ve all been there!

Communications Team: We know you love discovering new restaurants and trying interesting cuisine what are some of your favorites you’d recommend?

These are just a few of my favorites!

Communications Team: Thanks, Wendy!

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