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Our Latest HR Breakfast Seminar with Davis & Gilbert LLP

Employee Sexual Harassment Incidents: Best Practices for Managing Legal and Business Risks

Last Thursday, we co-hosted the latest HR Breakfast Seminar in our series with Davis & Gilbert LLP and it was informative, engaging, and extremely helpful. The pertinent and timely issue we focused on was Employee Sexual Harassment Incidents: Best Practices for Managing Legal and Business Risks. Led by Shira Franco, Partner in Davis & Gilbert’s Labor & Employment Practice Group with extensive experience in this area, the presentation covered all facets of harassment and how it should be managed within a business setting. The morning provided us with a wealth of knowledge and a was great opportunity for our guests to openly express concerns they have in this area and ask questions in order to solve for them. We continued to move through realistic scenarios and learned about the best way to handle and manage harassment incidents.

Today more than ever, we know these situations are deeply emotional and complex to unpack. Thanks to this interactive presentation, our team ーas well as many of our clients and friends in HR who attendedー have gained more confidence in how to tackle initial complaints, investigate them and navigate them toward resolution. While no two scenarios are ever alike, learning about best practices and the law supporting them (and spreading that knowledge!), is hopefully helping us take one step closer to eliminating unwelcome sexual advances and harassment of all kinds at work. The end goal here is to foster safe, comfortable and congenial workplaces for ALL professionals, and nothing less!

For your calendars: On April 1st, 2019, all companies with 15 or more employees in New York City will be required to train employees (this includes interns!) on sexual harassment prevention. Yes, that most likely means your company will have to implement a training system if you don’t already have one. Anyone who works for your company 80 hours (yes hours, not days!) within a calendar year will be required by law to participate in an interactive training session.

Ask us how we can help get your business prepared and take some of the weight off your shoulders! More from us soon…

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