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5 Step Prep: Your First Clarity Recruiter Interview

You made it through your preliminary phone screen with Clarity, congratulations! Whether you’re coming in to discuss a specific job opening or to simply have an exploratory conversation with your new recruiter as you kick-off your search, these 5 steps will help you start out on the right foot!

Step 1: Research

Maybe we called you out of the blue, or, maybe we called because you submitted your application online or applied to one of our job listings. Either way, if you’re making time to pursue a relationship with us and visit, be sure to come prepared. Check out our website, learn a bit about us, and get some background on your recruiter. This information will make you feel comfortable and help get you warmed up for our process. This is a great habit to get into before any interview in general ーa recruiter interview should be approached with the same level of seriousness.

Step 2: Resume

We are here to make suggestions and offer advice so you can improve your resume when you get here, but making sure it’s in tip-top shape before you come in will help streamline the process. Revising your resume is also a great way to refresh your memory on responsibilities you held in prior roles, which will make them easier to discuss ー especially if it’s been years since you held a position. Need some tips? Our recruiters tell all for you, right here. Their advice is gold!! Don’t forget to print several copies to have on hand once you’ve spruced your resume up.

Step 3: Dress to Impress

We get it ー many sought-after companies have loosened up on their dress-code requirements. In fact, we’re business-casual here ourselves, and are rarely fully “suited-up”. However, we know that dressing down and comfortably is easy for you, and that dressing up means you are going that extra mile to make a great impression. So does everyone that is going to interview you in the future. Regardless of company dress-code, appearing polished, put-together and tidy will help you put your best foot forward, and show that you can dress appropriately for any business endeavor!

Step 4: Map it Out

Most of you reading this are located in or around NYC. If you’re new in the city or a lifelong resident, making sure GoogleMaps is your best-friend is essential. Living in the city means you have to contend with unexpected delays, beit on the subway, bus system or when taking a taxi or car service. By mapping out your destination the night before, you can adequately plan to get to your destination on time by figuring out exactly how long it will take. That might not be enough though! Check again the morning of just to be sure a subway line isn’t suffering longer-than-normal delays.

Step 5: Be on Time!

If you can take Step 4 to heart, this one should be the easiest of all!  It’s also important to recognize that arriving 5-10 minutes early is appropriate timing, and, is actually what most companies deem as “on-time”. A lot of our clients and recruiters truly believe that being literally “on-time” is equivalent to being late! That said, showing up considerably earlier than scheduled can cause challenges for us. Our waiting area is small, and if we’re at capacity, there may not be a spot to sit. Within 5-10 minutes of your interview time, you won’t encounter any obstacles! If you get into the neighborhood 20-30 minutes early or longer, dip into a coffee shop or cafe nearby to spend a few minutes waiting instead ー also a great time to make sure your cell phone notifications are on silent!

See you soon!

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