How To Be Happier: Express Gratitude This Thanksgiving And Everyday


Thanksgiving is a time for food, family, and football. It’s also a great time to reflect on what you are grateful for. This post may sound preachy and cliche, but practicing gratitude will make you happier (trust me I’ve tried it!). While most of us don’t reflect on what we are grateful for each day, take a few minutes to do so this Thanksgiving holiday and feel #blessed for what you have, who knows you may like it.

Here are a few things to think about to get you started:

  1. The people in your life: People are what make this world go ‘round, whether you have a huge family, a small family, a huge group of friends, or just one very best friend or special someone, be grateful for these people in your life. It’s easy to take people for granted in your day to day life, but think about these people and how you can be extra thoughtful this holiday season. Check in with your old grandma, ask how your friend’s apartment move is going, see if you can lend a hand at work, whatever it is, just remember it’s the people in your life that shape you, so show your gratitude.
  2. Your mental/physical abilities: Never take for granted your ability to think or move. When you go for your usual morning run, never forget how lucky you are to be able to do so. I’ve sustained a few injuries and have been reminded that the ability to run is a gift! Every time I’ve injured myself I’ve shown that much more gratitude for my physical abilities, don’t wait until you are injured to realize how lucky you are to be able to do the things you do. Take a minute to also be grateful for your mental abilities and the opportunity to contribute to society in a positive way. If you are currently employed be grateful for your job. Of course there are ups and downs in every job, but don’t forget how lucky you are to have one. If you are currently unemployed, reflect on how grateful you are for the tools you have at your disposal to go for what you want. We live in an age of accessibility – everything is at our fingertips, appreciate what you have and work for what you want, don’t waste your abilities! Share your gifts with the world!
  3. Your possessions: Whether it’s a lot or a little, be grateful! You can always have more, but until you appreciate what you have, you will never be happy. Stop chasing after someone else’s life or things, create your own life on your terms and enjoy it!
  4. The good times: Life is a roller coaster, there are ups and downs, so when times are good, take a second to recognize it and not take it for granted. Don’t let petty everyday occurrences get in the way of your happiness, focus on the good and enjoy it.

If this exercise proves to bring a smile to your face, do it more often, take a minute in your day to day life to show gratitude. Even small things such as making the subway train at the exact moment it rolls in, or having an umbrella in the rain, or just having a smooth running day is something to be grateful for. As the all knowledgeable musician, Pitbull quotes in his song, Time Of Our Lives: (This is for anybody going through tough times, believe it, been there, done that) but everyday above ground is a great day, remember that. #truth

Happy Thanksgiving from the Clarity crew!

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