Courtney Keane

Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive: Courtney joined Clarity in 2014 as an Account Executive/Recruiter on the direct-hire team, and has since grown into a key leader. Courtney partners with companies across a wide range of industries to understand their hiring needs to help them build the best possible teams. Courtney’s relationship building skills are top notch, and her propensity for developing long-term client and candidate relationships is one of her many great strengths. Courtney spent the first two years of her career in the recruiting industry in the Corporate Services division of a large agency prior to landing at Clarity.

Courtney graduated from Pace University with a Bachelor’s in Communications, and holds a high-scoring record on the women’s basketball team. When Courtney isn’t out on new business meetings and matching great talent with great opportunities in NYC, you can find her at the Jersey Shore with her family relaxing on the beach.

Interview Tip

Practice! Interviews can be and feel complex. The interviewer is not only qualifying you for the position they are hiring you for…they are also observing your body language, your eye contact, and how you react to certain questions and scenarios. The night before your interview, practice in your mirror! Keep an eye on your hand movements and your overall presentation. Trust us, it sounds silly but it could be extremely helpful!