Keagan Gros

Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive: Keagan joined Clarity in 2014 and sits on our Direct Hire Team as a Senior Account Executive/Recruiter, and she discovered Clarity initially by being a candidate! Prior to Clarity, Keagan attended Elon University in North Carolina and graduated with a degree in Exercise Sport Science before moving to NYC. While she remains passionate about health and wellness, her career path shifted from Physical Therapy to Recruitment after spending time as a Recruiting Assistant at The Boston Consulting Group upon graduation. Keagan secured this role through Clarity in order to get an entrée to the business world, and simultaneously established strong relationships with Team Clarity along the way. When the assignment ended, she was hooked on recruiting and was invited to join the team as a Recruiting Coordinator, which was her jumping off point to becoming a force on our Permanent Division! As an SAE and recruiter, Keagan’s strong interpersonal skills are utilized daily; Keagan is a natural leader and a proactive team-builder both internally and for her candidates and clients. She thrives on making lasting matches for candidates, and helping her clients build the best teams. In her free time you can find Keagan on stage singing with Empire A Cappella, exercising and staying on top of fitness trends, traveling and spending time with her family and friends from coast to coast!

Interview Tip

Really listen to the question being asked by your interviewer, and respond in a specific yet concise answer. It’s easy to ramble on when discussing your varied experience, but hold a spot for that question top of mind and make sure you’re answering it, not dancing around it.