Grace Cary

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Grace attended the University of Texas followed by obtaining her Masters in Non-profit Management at New York University. Grace instantly fell in love with New York City and knew right away she would build a career in the Big Apple after graduate school. Her interest in recruiting started while going through the recruiting process herself after graduating. She discovered the importance of transparency and communication through all stages of the process, and how nuanced the experience can be. This discovery, coupled with diving into the nuts and bolts of the recruiting business herself in her last role spoke to her personal skills and strengths -- she is naturally inclined toward helping others and is an excellent listener to name a few-- which led her find Team Clarity. Grace is a Recruiter in the permanent placement division. When she's not matching candidates' skills to new opportunities and dream jobs, you can find Grace running on the west side highway, cooking and trying new recipes, attending Broadway shows, and traveling with her family. Interview Tip Always start preparing by researching the company you are interviewing with. A news search for the company name can also be valuable to get you up to date on recent happenings. This will give you more confidence in the interview and show the interviewer that you did your homework, which shows them that you're serious and interested.