Deana Finora

Executive Recruiter

Deana has joined Clarity to run our Finance Division. She comes to us with more than 15 years’ experience in the financial markets. As a former Executive Director at both UBS and Citi in New York City, she brings to Team Clarity deep industry knowledge, an expansive list of relationships and an understanding of what it takes to build successful teams. Expertise in various areas of finance including Capital Markets, Prime Brokerage, Alternative Investments, Proprietary Trading, Regulatory, Compliance and FinTech have equipped her well to transition into recruitment and serve as a thoughtful recruitment partner and strategist across the financial sector. Deana has built and managed teams and client relationships through economic growth, and has nurtured and strengthened them through crisis and downturn.

Successfully executing financial and managerial objectives throughout her career, one of Deana’s greatest strengths is her natural ability to grow and access her vast network. She is excited to leverage her experience to lead Clarity’s financial recruiting division and expand our dedicated focus into this practice area. A natural fit for Team Clarity, Deana aligns with our core principles of understanding the culture of the companies we work with, as well as the long-term motivations for each candidate and client in order to ensure the highest quality placements.