Courtni Clarke


Courtni is passionate about understanding what makes people tick, making meaningful human connections, and helping people find their footing on their professional paths – which is why Clarity has welcomed her as a recruiter with open arms! With several years of agency recruitment experience under her belt prior to joining Team Clarity, Courtni began her career in customer service and office management, which segued naturally into human resources. Having graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a degree in Sociology, this path was a natural fit. Upon diving into HR, she quickly recognized what made her tick in HR was listening and learning about her colleagues and implementing efficient processes. She loved these elements, but after touching on the recruitment aspect her interest piqued, so she entered the staffing and recruiting field and never looked back! Her formative experiences taught her about office culture, team dynamics, and strategy — all of which guide her recruitment practice at Clarity. Courtni sits on the temporary division and when she’s not building better teams she’s enjoying many spots in NYC for great people watching, dreaming about beach destinations, exploring new restaurants and trying new cuisines. She’s currently taking recommendations for her next travel expedition!

Interview Tip

Not comfortable with eye contact? Focus more on the corners of the eyes. It gives the illusion of eye contact, is less intense and helps you relax so you can put your best foot forward.