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Commemorating Juneteenth

The above image [via Adobe] is the Juneteenth Flag. Click here to learn more about its significance [via The Boston Globe].

This upcoming Saturday is Juneteenth – the day we commemorate the ending of chattel slavery in the United States. Interestingly, a recent poll revealed that most Americans still know little or nothing about Juneteenth. At Clarity we will be recognizing the holiday on Friday by taking the day off to provide time for our Team to honor its history, further educate ourselves about it and celebrate. Education is a core pillar of action in the Clarity Commitment to end discrimination, in all forms, in the hiring process.

Below are some of the resources we are watching and reading, many of which have been provided by one of our DEI education partners, Crescendo ー check out their excellent Slack app integration to keep DEI education top of mind for your Team, too. Crescendo’s Juneteenth learning module provides context around the significance of Juneteenth and offers quite a few links to vetted articles and videos including some of those listed below. We encourage you to commit some time to the resources below and any others you find in your own research. 

Articles & Videos

TV Shows & Movies 

 Books & Podcasts

Local & Current Events – Juneteenth 2021: 

Thank you to Team Crescendo for assembling many useful resources for us, and to Kolt Free and Serena Bartolucci Rubino for additional contributions.

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