Jennie Mescon

Account Executive

Diverse industry expertise, an extensive network, and deadline-driven management skills are hallmarks of the experience Jennie brings to Clarity. Her natural empathy towards others and a deep understanding of diverse corporate cultures primed Jennie for a career in recruiting for Team Clarity.

Jennie comes to Clarity from the performing arts sector where she flourished as a performer before ultimately settling into her “role” as a producer and development specialist. After earning a BA from Grinnell College, Jennie pursued a professional diploma in Fundraising Management from the prestigious Arts Administration program at Boston University; ultimately gaining her MS in Arts Administration from the institution. Jennie’s contributions were fundamental to the establishment of successful performing arts ventures in New York City, Chicago and Charleston, SC. Possessing an exceptional knowledge of production, budgeting, grant writing and creative problem solving, Jennie contributed to multiple high-profile projects off-Broadway and in the commercial and not-for-profit theatre spaces. Jennie officially became a member of Clarity’s Temporary Recruiting Division in 2021.

When not connecting the dots for candidates’ dream roles, Jennie can be found rooting for her beloved Boston professional sports teams, soaking up the sunshine, and singing high notes!

Interview Tip

Less is more. Don’t be afraid totake a beat” before responding to a question. The moment before will allow you to communicate your most authentic self, and that is the greatest advantage you have as a candidate.